Ultratech has earned ISO 9001:2008 and 14001:2004 certification from the DQS-UL Group for its international operations headquarters in Singapore and recertification for its San Jose facility. Ultratech recently announced the opening of its Singapore operations, which includes engineering and manufacturing of its lithography systems and other related products, in addition to housing the company’s international sales and service operations. Also, the recertification of the San Jose, CA facility enables Ultratech to provide its global customers with the same standards of high quality across both of its manufacturing sites.

Ultratech Senior Vice President of Operations Tammy Landon said, “Ultratech is committed to the highest standards of quality management and environmental sustainability, and we’re pleased that DQS-UL has recognized our efforts with the granting of these certifications for our Singapore operations and recertification for our U.S. facility. Now, the same processes, procedures, work instructions, systems and methodologies that have been effective at our corporate headquarters in San Jose have also been implemented in our Singapore operations—creating a seamless transition of systems and processes between our two manufacturing sites. This transition provides our customers the confidence that any system manufactured in Singapore will have the same high standards of quality, performance and sustainability as a system built in San Jose.”

ISO 9001:2008 is the latest edition of the ISO 9001 standard, which has become the global benchmark for assuring a quality management system is operational that satisfies quality requirements with the aim of enhancing customer satisfaction in supplier-customer relationships.  Likewise, ISO 14001:2004 is the latest edition of the ISO 14001 standard, one of a series of internationally recognized standards designed to build a company’s environmental management system (EMS) and manage the performance of that system to continually improve the company’s environmental performance.

“Ultratech had outstanding results for a first-site assessment of its Singapore facility,” stated the lead auditor for DQS-UL. “Particularly noteworthy was the fact that extensive quality and environmental awareness training programs for both regular and contract employees had been well established and implemented. In addition, excellent housekeeping had been maintained throughout all areas of the site.”

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