SPP Process Technology Systems (SPTS), has received a follow on purchase order from CEA-Leti for its Sigma® fxPTM Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) system. The 300mm system will be used for advanced Through-Silicon-Via (TSV) development at Leti’s newly-inaugurated 300mm fab extension in Grenoble, France. This system win comes on the heels of an October 2010 agreement between Leti and SPTS to collaborate on creating next-generation high aspect ratio TSVs.  The new Sigma system will join SPTS’ silicon etch and dielectric deposition systems previously selected for this new line.

Leti’s state-of-the-art integration line features a complete suite of the equipment required for research and development on advanced 3D-IC single processes and integration.  The Sigma fxP will deposit the diffusion barrier and seed metal layers prior to the final Cu electroplating via fill process. Using SPTS Advanced Hi-Fill (AHF) technology, ionized PVD deposition techniques will maximize metal coverage in the via, creating an environment for cost-effective via fill fin high aspect ratio architectures

“We are working closely with SPTS on next-generation 3D-IC developments, and their metal deposition capability forms an integral part of our development process,” said Dr. Laurent Malier, CEO of CEA-Leti. “The unique integration expertise SPTS has in all three areas of deep reactive ion-etching (DRIE), dielectric deposition, and metal seed deposition is invaluable to the success of the work done by this facility and program.”

“SPTS is extremely excited to have been selected as the etch, dielectric and metal deposition partner in CEA-Leti’s 3D-IC development line,” said Kevin T. Crofton, executive vice president, and managing director of the Single Wafer Division at SPTS. “Being one of the early developers of integrated TSV, our team is committed to ensuring the project’s success through our cumulative expertise.”

Commenting on the inauguration of the 3D Integration Line, Susumu Kaminaga, chairman of SPTS and president of Sumitomo Precision Products (SPP) said, “SPTS has been closely associated with TSV research and development with Leti, and we are proud to be a chosen partner for this important milestone.”

SPTS participated at Leti’s Inauguration Day activities in January, and presented on future TSV trends and technical requirements in advanced 3D-IC manufacturing.

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