It’s hard to believe I’ve been at this for a almost a year. Francoise in 3D launched January 18, 2009, and 3D InCites followed on July 6. Since then, our membership has grown to 116, and between my compadre Leo Archer, various guest bloggers, and me, we’ve posted over 118 blog posts, in addition to many in-depth articles, and a number of discussions, all related to 3D integration and packaging.

Just for kicks, I thought I’d take a look back to see which ones had been viewed the most. Here goes!

3 blogs viewed most in the shortest time

  1. eWLB hits the big time: 228 views in 4 weeks
  2. Getting the picture in 3D: 296 views in 7 weeks
  3. Tour de France in 3D – Day 3: 296 views in 9 weeks

3 most viewed blog posts over all

  1. Talking 3D with Manish Ranjan: 397 views
  2. Stack’em, Pack’em, and Rack’em: 315 views
  3. Following Brightspots 3D IC Panel – Part 2: 314 views

3 most viewed In-depth posts

  1. SUSS MicroTec workshop zeroes in on wafer thinning and handling issues: 895 views
  2. 3D Plus’ WDoD process offers alternative to TSV for 3D SiP processes 838 views
  3. Semicon West: Soitec rises to the wafer-to-wafer bonding challenge 732 views

3 most viewed white papers

  1. Thin Wafer Processing for 3D TSV Applications Workshop: 660 views
  2. 3D WLP Schemes Address Industrial Needs: 609 views
  3. Integration of a Temporary Carrier in a TSV Process Flow: 600 views

3 Most followed discussions

  1. The Advances of Lithography and Wafer Bonding Solutions for 3D integration: 1711 views
  2. Overcoming weaknesses in dry processes for TSV metallization: 1707 views
  3. Strategic Importance and Changing Role of Packaging Technology: 1333 views

What did I learn from this little exercise? As much as I enjoy writing about the progress of 3D, and will continue to do so, what our readers and members come to 3D InCites for most is to hear from the REAL experts in the industry. The discussions have become a big hit, so look for lots more of this to come in 2010 as our 3D community continues to grow. Happy New Year! –F.v.T.

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