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SUSS MicroTec workshop zeroes in on wafer thinning and handling issues

Last year, it was all about through silicon vias (TSVs), this year, it’s all about everything else needed to achieve 3D IC stacks using TSVs. I’m talking about 3D IC technology discussions at this year’s SEMICON West. A clear example of this was SUSS MicroTec’s workshop on wafer thinning and handling, held off site at the St. Regis Hotel on July 15. »

EVG and AMAT to collaborate on thin wafer bonding technologies for 3D IC

EV Group (EVG) and Applied Materials, Inc. announced a joint effort to develop wafer bonding processes for the manufacture of TSVs for 3D IC packaging applications. The two companies will be working together as members of the EMC-3D Semiconductor 3D Equipment and Materials Consortium. »

ESI bolsters its laser microengineering offerings

Electro Scientific Industries, Inc. announced that it has bolstered its technology offerings for both its 3D IC packaging and memory repair product applications. »

IMEC and SUSS MicroTec to collaborate on wafer bonding for 3D integration

SUSS MicroTec and IMEC have entered a joint development program to develop permanent bonding, temporary bonding and debonding processes for 3D system integration, including through-silicon-via (TSV) manufacturing. »

Trends and challenges for thin wafer processing

Processes addressing the handling of ultra-thin wafers have been a hot topic ever since it became clear that they are vital to a multitude of semiconductor applications such as MEMS, compound semiconductors, LEDs, fan-out WLP, CMOS image sensors (CIS) and most recently, 3D IC using TSV interconnects. »

SUSS MicroTec

It’s been a few years since I toured the US headquarters of SUSS MicroTec in Waterbury VT, so when general manager, Wilfried Bair invited me out to see their latest toolset developed with 3D integration processes in mind, and get the scoop on the company’s new temporary bonding and debonding system, I jumped at the chance. »

NEXX Systems

It’s easy to see why NEXX is experiencing growth. It’s all about attitude, and the enthusiasm among NEXX’s team is contagious. I spent yesterday afternoon (Thursday, March 5) visiting the company’s new headquarters in Billerica, MA, meeting with the executive team, and touring the manufacturing facility. The team had lots of exciting news to share, and brought me up to speed on the tec... »

SEMI and Semi-Directory Launch Semiconductor Supplier Guide

SEMI and Semi-Directory team up to launch a comprehensive industry-wide supplier guide. »

My Big Fat 3D Obsession

In one of my all-time favorite movies, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, family patriarch, Kosta Portukalo is obsessed with his own culture, “Give me a word, any word, and I will show you how the root of that word is Greek.” I’m starting to feel that way about 3D technologies. Give me a new technology, any technology, and I will show you how it qualifies as a 3D configuration, either at the chip, pa... »