A German friend of mine suggested I might want to keep my European readers in mind when I use typically American catch-phrases in my blog, such as the title of my Friday blog posts. So just in case anyone reading was wondering what TGIF stands for, it’s Thank God Its Friday. This gives me an idea. Lets make this international. Submit a similar sentiment in your native language, and I’ll use them as subsequent Friday blog titles. It’s Friday, afterall, we’re allowed to have a little fun.

So — on to topics pertinent to 3D….a headline in today’s Semiconductor Packaging News, which linked to a story in Cybermedia Online India caught my eye – “Semiconductor Industry Recession then Boom!” As you know, I’ve been avoiding any of the doom and gloom, but the “boom” in the title made me click on the link. Could it be good news? YES! Finally. Thank you, Bill McLean. You’re a man after my own heart. While 2009 overall may still see negative growth, McLean recommends looking at it quarter by quarter. Recessions are usually followed by periods of strong growth, and McLean predicts that to begin by the 3rd quarter. That’s more like it. I’m going to shake your hand next time I see you.

Lee Smith of Amkor and I chatted a bit yesterday about a market rebound and where 3D technologies fit into this. He said that even when there’s a major market crash, development is still ongoing. Fueling productization requires compelling innovations. Even through a down cycle, Amkor introduced three packaging innovations. Two of them – FusionQuad and FCmBGA – were developed to provide next-generation solutions using existing infrastructure. The third, which will be launched soon in the 3D packaging space, is TMVPoP. This package-on-package design uses lasers to create interconnects between the top and bottom packages allowing memory/logic interface with finer pitches, higher density, and a thinner bottom package to accommodate more configurations.

Other interesting tidbits this week….
Henkel Corp. announced the appointment of Luc Godefroid as the company’s Global Sales Director for its Semiconductor Group. Since the company’s acquisition of National Starch, Godefroid has been leading the integration process as head of project management. With that task well underway, the company says it has decided to leverage Godefroid’s advanced materials knowledge and management skills by transitioning him to lead the semiconductor group.

SUSS MicroTec announced that Frank Averdung is ready to take the helm four months ahead of schedule. Franz Richter, Ph.D., chairman of the supervisory board, says he’s pleased with that Averdung is available early, because his industry and marketing experience is “invaluable to the strategic advancement of the Company. to the strategic advancement of the Company.”

And lastly, Ultratech received the Zurich North America Commercial and Wells Fargo Insurance Services’ award, which acknowledges companies whose corporate culture makes safety a “value system.” The company’s track record for employee health and safety certainly establishes them as an industry benchmark.

That pretty much wraps up the week. Enjoy the weekend. I’m sure there will be much more to talk about next week in the wonderful world of 3D IC Packaging. – F.v.T

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