Francoise von Trapp (aka the Queen of 3D) has been following and reporting on the progress of 3D integration technologies since 2009. Francoise in 3D provides a high-level perspective of 3D industry events, offers executive viewpoints, and focuses on process and manufacturing aspects of 3D integration.

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Tech Round-up from ECTC 2018

For the past few years, the ECTC committee has provided 3D InCites with a table outside the session rooms, rather than the technology corner, as part of our media trade. We consider it to be prime real estate, as pretty much everyone passes by the table at one time or another. People stopped by to chat; some just to ask where to find the registration desk, or the coffee, or in one instance, “are... »

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Co-Design Comes to ECTC 2018: You Can Lead A Horse to Water…

Despite a valiant effort by the ECTC committee to integrate design topics into this year’s agenda, the number of empty seats spoke volumes: Including two plenary sessions on design-focused topics was one thing; getting packaging and process engineers to attend was quite another. While I attended IC Package Co-Design for HI Systems and AI and Its Impact on System Design, I have to admit, I found ... »

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Special ECTC 2018 Session Focuses on Frontiers in Assembly Technology

The special Tuesday session at ECTC 2018 took a look at new methods and applications for assembly technology to accommodate the needs of heterogeneous integration at the system level. The session was chaired by Florian Herrault, HRL Laboratories, and featured Jeff Demmin, DARPA; Stefan Behler, Besi; Matthew Meitl, X-celeprint; Doris Tang, PlayNitride; and Val Marinov, Uniquarta. Presentations offe... »

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Fan-out is Hot, 3D Is Back, and 5G is Needed: The Inside Scoop from ECTC 2018

There’s fact, and there’s perception. The messages people carry away from conferences are not only influenced by what they hear from the speakers, but also from the conversations they have with their colleagues. This post contains a little of both. At IMAPS Device Packaging Conference in March, Yole Developpement analyst, Emilie Joliet announced to the industry that at long last, 3D in... »


The Heterogeneous Integration Roadmap Explained by Bill Chen

Festivities at ECTC 2018 kicked off May 29, 2018, with a full-day Heterogeneous Integration Roadmap (HIR) Workshop. This workshop was a continuation of an ongoing series that have been scheduled alongside major conferences around the globe so that as many people as possible can participate. We’ve been following the progress since the beginning. I caught up with Bill Chen, president of the IE... »

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ECTC 2018 Paves the Path to Heterogeneous Integration

For nine years, my fellow 3D InCites bloggers and I have been evangelizing about the wonders the microelectronics industry can achieve with innovations in 3D, advanced packaging, and other heterogeneous integration (HI) technologies. Based on the turnout at this year’s IEEE Electronics Components and Technologies Conference, which took place May 29-June 1 in San Diego, CA, it would appear that t... »

Bitcoin and Beanie Babies: Why Cryptocurrency Volatility Matters to the Semiconductor Industry

Bitcoin, a cryptocurrency built on blockchain, has become one of the hottest topics to hit the semiconductor news feeds and the conference circuit since the iPhone. Why? Because this code-based technology requires so much compute power to run complex mathematical equations that it gobbles up more energy than is required to fuel the entire country of Denmark. In fact, a recent article in the Washin... »

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Beyond the Smartphone: How Digital Imaging is Becoming Ubiquitous 

Digital imaging has come a long way since its first consumer implementation in digital cameras to replaced film cameras in the early 21st century. In fact, digital imaging technologies have become so varied and advanced thanks to CMOS image sensor technology, integrated circuits (ICs), and advanced packaging that almost anything can have camera capabilities integrated into it. As part of our 3D In... »

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There’s a Fan-out for That

Long gone are the days of the “killer app” and the notion that a single device market like personal computers (PCs) or smartphones alone can make or break the semiconductor industry. In fact, while both those markets have softened, a multitude of emerging technologies including 5G, artificial intelligence (AI), internet of things (IoT) platforms, deep learning, autonomous vehicles, blockchain ... »

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Getting IC Package Design Right the First Time

Once considered to be one of the simpler tasks in semiconductor device manufacturing, IC package design has become more complicated as it becomes more critical to the performance of the end-devices.  Market drivers are more varied than ever. Time-to-market is more critical than ever.  And advanced packaging options are more numerous than ever. In this exclusive interview with Keith Felton of Me... »

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