Francoise von Trapp (aka the Queen of 3D) has been following and reporting on the progress of 3D integration technologies since 2009. Francoise in 3D provides a high-level perspective of 3D industry events, offers executive viewpoints, and focuses on process and manufacturing aspects of 3D integration.

What Role does the US-China Trade War Play in the Semiconductor Downturn?

The US-China trade war is top of mind for those who work in the semiconductor industry. How much of the current downturn is it responsible for? What impact will it have on the industry? It’s no surprise that it was a big topic of discussion recently during SEMICON West. Opinions vary, depending upon where you hang your hat. For US-based companies, for example, the impact may be significant. For ... »


Talking about Technology Megatrends at SEMICON West 2019

What a difference a year makes. First the aesthetic: after two years of maneuvering around a construction zone at SEMICON West, the Moscone Center renovation is complete and looks fabulous. It’s also so much easier to navigate between halls, and to and from the keynote stage at the newly christened Blue Shield of California Theater. Last year at SEMICON West, the semiconductor industry was flyin... »

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A Look at imec’s Two-Step Wafer-level Mold Process

The recipient of the 2019 3D InCites Award for Process of the Year was Belgian research institute, imec, for its two-step wafer-level transfer mold process for 3D die-to-wafer assembly. The individual who nominated them for the award didn’t provide any more detail than that. But luckily at ECTC 2019, when I presented Eric Beyne with the award, he brought along Arnita Podpod, the research enginee... »

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SiP Technology To Enable Technology Megatrends

Two years ago, IMAPS tested the waters for a new conference focused entirely on system-in-packaging (SiP) technologies. They had also recently acquired the 3D Architectures for Semiconductor Integration and Packaging Conference (3DASIP), originally produced by RTI Tech Venture Forum, which took place annually in December in San Francisco. The IMAPS executive committee decided to combine the two co... »

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10 Years of Invent, Innovate, Implement at EV Group

Of all the companies that have supported 3DInCites over the past 10 years, none has been more consistently involved, both as contributor and sponsor, as EV Group. In fact, without EVG’s belief in our mission and their sponsorship the first three years, I doubt 3DInCites would still exist today. Therefore, it seemed fitting to honor them with the cover story for our 10th Anniversary print edition... »

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Good News about Glass Substrates

Over the years on 3D inCites, we’ve discussed the debate about the advantages and disadvantages of using glass substrates for advanced packaging applications. Thanks to ongoing research and development, a clear path has emerged for the use of glass in two key areas: as carrier substrates for high-density fan-out (FO) packages and as glass interposers for 2.5D integration. At ECTC 2019, I spoke w... »

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DBI® Ultra Changes the Game for Heterogeneous Integration

I’ve been following the DBI story for over a decade (well before Xperi became a sponsor of 3D InCites). I’ve watched it grow from its humble, start-up beginnings as a Ziptronix process to its current rock-star status at Xperi/Invensas, as THE current hybrid bonding technology process for image sensors globally. All along the way, I’ve been a diehard fan of this elegant process (AND its entir... »

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Fan-out Panel-level Packaging Comes to the ECTC Technology Corner

On my annual trek around the ECTC Technology Corner, I’m always on the look-out for something new to write about. This year, it quickly became clear by the number of exhibitors displaying their product samples, that one of my blogs would be an update on fan-out panel-level packaging. For the past few years, fan-out panel-level packaging (FOPLP) has been in hot debate: is it needed? Does it REALL... »

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Moore’s Law is Dead (Again), Chiplets are Hot, and other Highlights of ECTC 2019

In the blink of an eye, the 69th Electronics Component Technology Conference (ECTC 2019) has come and gone in a swirl of presentations, conversations, and networking events. Last week, (May 27-31, 2019) Las Vegas played host to 1563 attendees (the second highest number ever), who gathered to share and learn about the latest trends, drivers and technologies that make the microelectronics industry t... »


ECTC 2019 Will Go Back to Basics to Plan for the Future of Microelectronics and Packaging

Whoa! Where did the time go? ECTC 2019 is only three weeks away and I haven’t written my annual preview post! This year’s event takes place at the Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas, from May 28-31. I’m excited to announce that my good friend and SemiSister, Nancy Stoffel, General Electric Research is this year’s General Chair. I’d tell you about our escapades the last time ECTC was in Las Vegas.... »

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