Francoise von Trapp (aka the Queen of 3D) has been following and reporting on the progress of 3D integration technologies since 2009. Francoise in 3D provides a high-level perspective of 3D industry events, offers executive viewpoints, and focuses on process and manufacturing aspects of 3D integration.

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European Imaging and Sensors Summit: It’s Not Just About Pretty Pictures Anymore

There’s no doubt about it. Imaging sensor technologies have come a long way since the introduction of the digital camera. In fact, according to Gartner, image-based sensors will be the single largest category of devices for the internet of things (IoT) sensing (figure 1). That fact was made imminently clear a few weeks ago at the European Imaging and Sensors Summit, which took place September 21... »

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Spotlight on the European MEMS and Sensors Technology Showcase

As it’s difficult to be in two places at one time, I was happy to see that the organizers of the co-located European MEMS and Sensors Summit/Imaging and Sensors Summits made sure two featured tracks —the MEMS and Sensors Technology Showcase and The Imaging Sensors Start-up Pitches — did not run in parallel. As a result, I attended both. This post focuses on the MEMS and Sensors Technolog... »

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Making Sense of MEMS and Sensors at the MEMS/Imaging Sensors Summits

Last week, I had a whirlwind trip to Grenoble, France: 3 days, 2 summits, and 1 supercool paragliding festival, Coupe Icare, on the side – all filled with “Aha!” moments. Ironically, the paragliding event I attended on Saturday drove home the point of the most stand-out talks from the week: Peter Hartwell’s (TDK-Invensas) impassioned presentation titled “Archiving and Sharing Your Experi... »

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Will Fully Autonomous Vehicles Solve Global Transportation Problems?

Automotive electronics, with the Holy Grail being fully autonomous vehicles, is currently being touted as one of the biggest growth drivers for the semiconductor industry. So much so, that every event I’ve attended so far this year has featured sessions, presentations, keynotes, and panel discussions espousing the benefits of autonomous vehicles, the technologies that have been developed to enab... »


Xperi Sets Out to Enable Immersive Experiences

Xperi is a new entity with a complicated back-story, but a pretty cool vision for its future. First, there was Tessera, well-known throughout the advanced packaging sector of the semiconductor industry as an IP-based technology company focused on chip packaging and interconnects that historically licensed its technology know-how and patents. In 2003, the company formed a new parent company –... »

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The Brighter Side of SEMICON West 2017

Generally, I avoid reading other journalists’ coverage of events I’ve attended until I’ve had a chance to finish my own coverage. But there it was in my inbox in a recent edition of Semiconductor Packaging News: “Five Takeaways from Semicon” by Semi Engineering’s Mark LePedus. I couldn’t resist. I had to click. I must admit, Mark is more of a hardcore technology journalist than I am,... »

Heterogeneous Integration Versus Dimensional Scaling; One Year In (Part 2)

In the first part of this series, I covered the perspectives of dimensional scaling vs. heterogeneous integration based on discussions during SEMICON West 2017. For part two, I spoke with equipment and material suppliers who serve either (or in some cases, both) the front- and back-ends of the semiconductor manufacturing industry, to round out the picture of how the industry-wide shift in focus fr... »

2017 3D InCites Awards Ceremony and Reception: A Retrospective

Once again this year, the industry came out in full force to honor excellence in heterogeneous integration at the 2017 3D InCites Awards Ceremony and Cocktail Reception to benefit KidSizeCures for childhood cancer. After a brief ceremony during which we presented 11 awards in 10 categories (find out who won here), guests enjoyed good food, drinks, and conversation, as well as some fun activities, ... »

Heterogeneous Integration Versus Dimensional Scaling: One Year In (Part 1)

Heterogeneous Integration Versus Dimensional Scaling; One Year In (Part 2)At SEMICON West 2016, the big story was the end of the ITRS Roadmap for dimensional scaling according to Moore’s Law and the birth of the Heterogeneous Integration Roadmap (HIR). There were many reasons for this: the cost of continued scaling vs. the reduced performance benefits, the advantages of being able to heterogeneo... »

Keith Felton - Mentor BSD

Executive Viewpoint: Breaking The Chicken and Egg Cycle for HDAP

  For several years now, Herb Reiter, eda2asic, and John Ferguson, Mentor Graphics, have been evangelizing about the necessity of assembly design kits (ADK), similar to the process design kits (PDKs) for chip designers, to help drive ecosystem capabilities for what is collectively now being called high density advanced packaging (HDAP), comprising 2.5D IC, 3D IC and high density fan-out wafer... »

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