FormFactor invites you to the grand opening of our state-of-the-art demo center located in San Jose, CA. The demo center features essential test and measurement technologies for ICs used in advanced packaging, automotive devices, high-speed digital, silicon photonics, and 5G/6G/millimeter-wave mobile devices. See our systems in action and talk with engineers responsible for innovations in emerging on-wafer test and measurement applications. The event will also feature four technical presentations on Silicon Photonics, Quantum Cryogenic Testing, Metrology for Advanced Packaging and RF Probing.

Featured Test and Measurement Solutions include:
– Automated DC Probing
– Autonomous RF Probing
– Automated Silicon Photonics Probing
– State-of-the-Art 300 mm Metrology Solutions
– Remote Demo: 220 GHz Broadband Single-sweep Solution

We’ll also present our solution for mm-Wave load-pull measurements.
Come learn more about these and other optical probing, benchtop RF, and metrology solutions, as well as exhibits featuring our analytical probes and probe cards.

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