SAN DIEGO, CA – December 9, 2022Chiplets Shorten Chip Design Cycles. Chiplet Summit opens pre-registration today for its first annual event. It will occur on January 24-26 at the Doubletree by Hilton San Jose. Hundreds of registrants and many key exhibitors will be at the first showcase for chiplet technology, the latest approach for developing state-of-the-art chips.  All leading chip makers have adopted chiplets as their approach to making devices at process nodes of 5 nm and below.

The event will cover the latest architectures, development methods, and applications. Expert panels will discuss best choices, likely breakthroughs, and long-term trends. Industry-leading keynotes offer designers the insight they need into trends and roadmaps. Speakers represent Intel, Applied Materials, Corigine, Silicon Catalyst (discussing the $60B US Chips Program), and Open Compute Platform (OCP).

“Chiplets reduce the time it takes new designs to reach the market. They combine the latest logic processes with established drop-in functions,” said Chuck Sobey, Summit General Chair. “The entire chiplet ecosystem will meet at the Summit to help designers make the right decisions for current projects and be ready for future demands.”

Supporting Resources

To discuss exhibiting, contact:

Elizabeth Leventhal,                                                                                                Exhibit Sales Manager                                                                                                                                +1.760.809.5755

To ask about the program, contact:

Lance Leventhal, Program Chairperson                                                  +1.858.756.3327

About Chiplet Summit

Chiplet Summit, produced by Semper Technologies, showcases the mainstream applications, key technologies, and leading vendors that are driving the rapidly expanding chiplet market. It is the first event featuring the trends, innovations, and influencers driving the adoption of chiplets in demanding processor, coprocessor, memory, communications, and AI/ML applications.

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