On January 11, 2022, the Infostone 2022 Annual meeting and the 8th Heroes List awards ceremony were held. Infostone announced the 8th heroes company list, which is classified into four categories:
• The Most Competitive Products of Optical Communication
• Excellent Quality Award
• Outstanding Technology Award
• Brand Recommended Award

These accolades are sought after in the optical communications industry encouraging innovation and recognizing outstanding products. The MRSI-H-TO 1.5-micron die bonder was recognized as the winner of the Outstanding Technology Award by a distinguished panel of industry experts.

The Infostone Heroes list is chosen by 30 experts in the field of optical communication and Infostone Consulting, who evaluate the products on the basis of: technology, cost, market share, customer satisfaction and third-party test performance, as well as company business performance, growth rate, research and development intensity, patent and other factors. The 2021 Annual Infostone Heroes list was generated through multiple rounds of extensive evaluation and a comprehensive scoring system.
The MRSI-H series 1.5 micron high-speed, flexible die bonder has been proven by the optoelectronics industry to be a stable platform with ultra-high accuracy and superior flexibility for true multi-die, multi-process, multi-product high volume high mix
production. MRSI-H-TO is the industry’s first 1.5 μm accuracy flexible high-speed die bonder to enable high volume packaging of the new complex TO-based photonic devices, which are increasingly required for the high-speed DCI and 5G wireless network rollout.

MRSI-H-TO can handle a variety of sizes of TO-CANs, such as 38/46/56/65/72, and the eutectic and epoxy processes can be completed in one machine. The platform is powered by MRSI’s patented die placement head with an integrated fast turreted automatic tool changer, and dual fast ramping eutectic stages, enabling multi-process parallel processing to maximize productivity while maintaining superior flexibility. As the customer who has been using MRSI-H-TO equipment for two years noted in the recommendation letter, “The machine provides high performance and high stability, proving it to be the best solution for multi-chip and multi-process complex TO-CAN packaging. The machine also supports CoC and Gold box components. It is a very flexible machine and gives our production line a high degree of flexibility, which our customers really appreciate. MRSI also has a very professional and highly dedicated local service team that provides round-the-clock support.”

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