SurplusGLOBAL Cluster is a new Semiconductor Equipment Cluster in Yong-In, South Korea, offering access to the largest complex of used semiconductor equipment. Near 30 companies related to the semiconductor equipment industry are currently scheduled to move in to cluster. Plans are to complete the construction of the floor space 68,317 m2 (20,665 Pyeong) with six stories high by June 2021.

Cluster Advantages

  • Provide customized environment such as Clean Room, Refurbishment Bay, Air Controlled Warehouse, Office, Convenience Facilities
  • The Floor and Ceiling Height are adjustable
  • Reasonable cost
  • Utilities and amenities for public use, minimizing facility investment
  • Various Facilities are available such as Book Café, Cafeteria, Kiosk, Exercise Facility


  • Centralized Utility Supply
  • Automatic Temperature & Humidity Control System For Clean Room
  • Individual Equipment Entrance, Exit and Security System
  • Speed Gate at 1st floor and Information Desk
  • Utilities which are managed by Operation Team are for common use
  • Monitoring and Reporting of temperature and humidity of Display Room, Refurbishment Bay, Clean Room
  • Provide optimized logistic system through accumulated experiences from handling more than 1,500 semiconductor equipment per year


  • Sufficient parking spaces (inside 444cars, outside 100cars)
  • CW, PCW, CDA, DI, N2, Vacuum
  • Gas Cabinet System
  • Capacity of Electricity : 5000kW, Supply of Diverse Voltage
  • UPS and Emergency Generator, Harmonic Filter
  • Sewage can be managed in sewage treatment plant
  • Loading Capacity : Designed to withstand 2ton/㎡
  • Flatness : FM4 / Strength : AR2, increasing efficiency of forklift and equipment movement


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