TC3040 copyTC-3040 is designed for advanced flip chip devices requiring improved heat dissipation.  The material features a combination of low modulus and high elongation – enabling it to accommodate warpage-induced stresses.  Key to the improved thermal performance : low contact resistance that silicones are known for, along with proprietary filler technology.

While advanced 2.5D or 3D IC are packed with more transistors into confined device space, the device temperature is raised while in operation and the leakage problems worsen. This phenomenon causes a serious challenge to bring 3D IC into high volume production reality. Tested and validated in the IBM Ecosystem, Dow Corning TC-3040 thermally conductive TIM1 gel helps manufacturers keep their device cool. The successful efforts of IBM and Dow Corning scientists have raised the bar for TIM1 performance. This TIM1 gel delivers nearly two times the thermal performance of other industry standard TIMs. It enables the thermal management solution with higher thermal conductivity at 4W/mK, lower thermal resistance performance and excellent under-die coverage, which helps regulate the ever-increasing high-temperature, stressful environments in advanced flip-chip semiconductor packages. As a result, it offers chip-makers broader design options for high-performing yet more reliable 3DIC packages with improved thermal management capability.

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Date this Product was Introduced to the market: May 2015
Category Product is Being Nominated for: Materials
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