One look at the agenda for the 11th Annual 3D Architectures for Semiconductor Integration and Packaging Conference (3D ASIP), and it becomes clear that this year the conference organizers have left no stone unturned. Kicking it off with Pre-conference Symposia that emphasize 3D design tools and flow and manufacturing processes, the event gets into full-swing on Thursday with sessions that span the spectrum of the interposer and 3D ecosystem from the need for standards, products already implementing interposer and 3D technologies, and the Internet of Things (IoT); to manufacturing costs, design analysis and modeling, monolithic 3D ICs, and 3D systems. 3D ASIP, which takes place December 10-12, 2014 in Burlingame CA, really does have something for everyone involved in the march to 3D integration.

Designed to provide a framework for the conference, Thursday’s keynote session begins with a talk titled A Design Ecosystem for Internet of Things, How 3D IC Standards will Enable a New Growth Paradigm, by Steve Schultz, President and CEO, Si2, Silicon Integration Initiative. Schulz will talk about the long path to 3D IC adoption, how the IoT could provide a catalyst for design methodology change, how to mitigate risk and optimize designs, and the importance of design standards. Up next is Robert Sturgill, Director, Hybrid Memory Cube Solutions, Micron Technology, who will provide an overview and outlook for advanced interposer and 3D IC memory solutions. The last speaker in this session is Xin Wu, VP Silicon Technology, Xilinx, who will discuss an ultrascale 3D FPGA technology being developed by Xilinx.

Session 2, IoT, Memory, and More than Moore, features speakers from Yole Développement, General Electric, Novati Technologies, and NVIDIA, who will each provide insight on the key motivators and drivers that keep 3D integration moving forward; drivers such as the Internet of Things, the Industrial Internet, more than Moore, and stacked memory systems.

In Session 3, we will gain perspective on manufacturing and costs with presentations from TechSearch International, Invensas, and SavanSys Solutions. Speakers will guide us through the last mile to HVM for 3D ICs, remaining assembly challenges, and provide answers to the question, will the cost of 3D ICs ever be low enough for high volume products?

The Panel Session, moderated by Herb Reiter, addresses the need for path finding tools. Panelists from Qualcomm, Atrenta, EV Group, and UC Santa Barbara will discuss how we can further strengthen the foundation for interposer/3D-IC Pathfinding. Thursday’s talks conclude with a session on design analysis and modeling, focused on signal integrity thermal and power considerations. Norman Chang of Apache, and Terry Ma, Synopsys, will present their respective companies’ activities in these areas.

Friday is divided into three sessions, each focusing on a specific market sector for 3D integration. First is a glimpse of what’s going on in the world of interposers, from the status of manufacturing and design, to the difference in substrate materials and when to make the move to silicon, the perspective of a research institute, and fan-out WLP as an interposer solution. Companies presenting include GLOBALFOUNDRIES, Nanium, Unimicron, CEA-Leti, and RTI.

Next we’ll learn about what’s happening in the emerging area of Monolithic 3D ICs. The first speaker from CEA-Leti will outline this disruptive approach to scaling, and the remaining talks will focus on technology enablement through advanced bonding technologies, featuring speakers from EV Group and MonolithIC 3D.

The final session of the day brings it all together at the system level. Speakers from world-renowned universities and research centers, including Tohoku University, Fraunhofer IZM, Georgia Tech, and IBM Watson TJ Research, will present data focused on heterogeneous integration that weaves the latest advancements in interposers, sensors, photonics, and microfluidic cooling into viable microelectronic systems for a variety of applications.

In addition to all this technology, there will be plenty of opportunity to network with your industry peers in the exhibitor area over breakfast, lunch, coffee breaks and two sponsored evening receptions. Register today to attend 3D ASIP 2014. Visit for a complete agenda and full conference details.

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