Alchimer S.A. announced that its  AquiVia deposition process is ready for implementation. AquiVia process can reportedly reduce overall cost of ownership for through-silicon via (TSV) metallization by up to 65% vs. conventional dry processes.

AquiVia combines wet deposition processes for insulation, barrier, and seed layers in TSV metallization. This unique full stack approach utilizes Alchimer’s proprietary Electrografting (eG™) and Chemicalgrafting (cG™) technology to create strong covalent bonds between each layer.

According to the company, this results in highly conformal and uniform layers for TSVs with aspect ratios of 18:1 and beyond, even on the highly scalloped TSV etch profiles produced by the DRIE/Bosch process.
Moreover, AquiVia enables customers to use existing plating equipment for the deposition of insulation, barrier and seed layers. This process completely eliminates all dry processing techniques from TSV metallization, cutting the cost of ownership of the via stack metallization by up to two-thirds.

“The introduction of the integrated AquiVia process significantly increases the cost-of-ownership benefits of Alchimer technologies in a difficult global economic market,” said CEO Steve Lerner. “AquiVia allows customers to achieve extremely high aspect ratio vias with minimal, if any, new capital investment. The growing understanding of these advantages is reflected in the customer interest and customer revenues we are seeing.”

Electrografting, Alchimer’s breakthrough proprietary deposition technology, is based upon specific organic precursors that enable ultra-conformal deposition of dielectric and conductive nanometric films using aqueous chemistries. AquiVia allows lower processing temperatures compared to conventional dry processes. In addition, the polymer-based insulating layer is inherently compliant, which is beneficial in providing stress relief within the TSV structures.

Alchimer also recently announced the enhancement of its eG ViaCoat™ process for the copper seed metallization of TSVs. The eG ViaCoat process, one of three components of the overall AquiVia process, achieves levels of uniformity that meet or exceed standard industry quality metrics using legacy plating equipment without retrofits or modifications.

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