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Can cost-sharing accelerate 3D IC commercialization?

I’ve been talking a lot about the collaborative efforts in the form of open and closed consortia and joint development agreements that seem to be carrying 3D IC integration forward to market adoption. Another approach is a multi-project wafer program, in which participants cost-share to build multiple device prototypes on a single wafer. »

News from IMEC’s technology forum

From the looks of my inbox, it’s been a busy week at IMEC, between the 25th anniversary celebration and technology forum.(Incidentally, Bill Acito of Cadence provided the words behind the IMEC acronym in response to my last post. According to the link he gave me to Wikipedia, IMEC stands for either Interuniversity Microelectronics Centre, or International Medical Equipment Collaborative. I’m g... »

May Events in 3D

I wish I could be everywhere at once, because there are so many events involving 3D coming up well worth attending. Unfortunately short of cloning myself, which I don’t think the world is ready for, there’s no way for me to cover everything. So instead, I’ve come up with an alternative plan that I hope will also serve to make this blog more interactive, and encourage an exchange of ideas and... »

GBC 2009 – A 3D Packaging Junkie’s Dream

When I opened Lee Smith’s email yesterday to find the updated agenda for Spring 2009 IMAPS Global Business Council, I thought maybe I’d died and gone to 3D heaven. Called “Supply Chain Development for 3D Packaging”, the agenda for this one-day event preceding the Device Packaging Symposium is jam-packed with keynote-level speakers whose presentations span the 3D spectrum, giving air time t... »