The SEMI Strategic Materials Conference (SMC), taking place September 22–23 in Mountain View, Calif., will uncover the drivers for new materials and how material suppliers are impacted by the value chain they serve.  The SMC theme is “Materials Enabling a Smart and Interconnected World”, focusing on the emerging trends in the semiconductor industry arising from the increasing pervasiveness of the Internet across industries and the potential impact on our daily lives. SMC is the only premiere conference devoted to the technology and business drivers of materials in the microelectronics industry.  It is also a planning, forecasting, and business development necessity for the “advanced materials” microelectronics industry.

Gary Patton, Ph.D., CTO and Head of Worldwide R&D at GLOBALFOUNDRIES kicks things off with the conference’s keynote. Other companies presenting include: Air Liquide Electronics, Air Products and Chemicals, Applied Materials, Cabot Microelectronics, Consumer Electronics Association, EMD Performance Materials, Environmental and Occupational Risk Management, Freescale Semiconductor, Honeywell, Imec, Imprint Energy, Inpria, Intel Corporation, Lam Research, Medtronic, Micron Technology, ON Semiconductor, SEMI, Susquehanna International Group, Techcet, and Texas Instruments.

Day One focuses on economic and material trends, including market forces for semiconductor process materials, both from chip fabricators and also end-use applications. Market trends in materials and semiconductor equipment growth, semiconductor production demand, and end-user applications will be covered, as well as a “street perspective.”

SMC will continue with Material Enabling Silicon Everywhere” bring new life for mature technologies and new capabilities from materials science.  Many Internet of Things (IoT) devices will build off well-known technologies, but “More than Moore” integration may also be necessary to fulfil the vision.

Day Two of SMC focuses on “New Emerging Materials Technology and Opportunities at the Edge.”  The “Great Untethering” of data from wired infrastructure led to an explosion in lightweight, high-powered, energy-efficient portable computing. This session delves into how this ubiquitous connectivity will enable new modes of work and leisure, healthcare and entertainment, production, distribution and consumption of the staples and ornaments of life. This session will highlight the new-to-the-world capabilities over the next 20 years, and some likely areas where materials science and technology will be essential parts of tomorrow’s digital ecosystems.

For the “advanced materials”-enabled microelectronics industry, the Strategic Materials Conference is a planning, forecasting, and business development necessity. Organized by the Chemical and Gas Manufacturers Group (CGMG), a SEMI Special Interest Group comprised of leading manufacturers, producers, packagers and distributors of chemicals and gases used in the microelectronics industry, SMC has provided valuable information and networking opportunities to materials and electronics industry professionals since 1995.

For the complete agenda, additional information and to register, visit the Strategic Materials Conference webpage at

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