wafer edge inspectionCIRCL CV310i module is an advanced Wafer Edge inspection, metrology and profiling system tailored for Advanced Wafer Level Packaging. Simultaneous wafer edge inspection and metrology enables comprehensive data collection from all zones comprising the wafer’s edge: top and bottom near-edge; top and bottom bevel; and apex.

Some of the critical process steps in the 3D integration process flow include temporary bonding, thinning, TSV reveal, and de-bonding.  Monitoring bond process defects including excessive glue squeeze-out, edge voids, and device-carrier concentricity is important to ramp-up yields. Additionally, edge chips, micro-cracks, and delamination during device wafer edge-trim and thinning can result in significant yield loss. Device manufacturers are also interested in monitoring device wafer, carrier wafer and total stack height, and device wafer inset. KLA-Tencor’s CV310i Wafer edge inspection & metrology system is capable of tracking and simultaneously capturing inspection and metrology of the wafer top side, edge, and bottom side in a single scan. The module has a multiple channel laser imaging system for accurate defect detection & binning with 0.5um sensitivity. CV310i has an integrated edge profiler for wafer edge shape and is capable of handling non-SEMI wafers. KLA-Tencor with the CIRCL suite continues to make advances and provide differentiated solutions to the expanding field of 3D integration.

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