This blog post has nothing to do with 3D technologies. But since I run this website and the Françoisein3D blog, and it’s Friday before Thanksgiving, I’m taking the liberty of writing about something else for a change.

I’ve been talking about it for years. Those of you in the semiconductor industry who know me well (both men and women!) know that SemiSisters was unofficially formed during discussions any time a group of us gathered a networking events at industry conferences and trade shows. We may start out talking about technology, but sooner or later, we’re talking about “girl stuff” and the guys either drift away, or join in offering the male perspective. (Those are the guys who can be considered SemiBrothers.)

So what makes us SemiSisters? Regardless of our profession — whether we are engineers, scientists, technologists, market analysts, or executives; or came to the industry as marketing, journalism and PR professionals — what ties us together is the understanding that there’s something significant about being a woman immersed in the male-dominated semiconductor industry.

We’re all perfectly capable of holding our own in this sea of men, (and if you’ve ever attended an ECTC or IEDM luncheon and scanned the room, you know what I’m talking about). We actually don’t mind being in the minority.  The men in this industry appreciate our intelligence and treat us as equals. There’s never a line in the ladies room. We can wear comfortable, practical shoes without being self-conscious.  When we do find ourselves in the company of other women, there’s instant connection and understanding. And in those times we indulge in good old fashioned girl talk: about our kids; our husbands/boyfriends/partners; the renovation that’s taking place on our kitchen while we’re jetting around the globe attending industry conferences, stuff like that. We don’t seek exclusivity from our Semi brothers; we just like to think we add a healthy dose of the X-chromosome to the mix. That’s why our tagline is “factoring in the x.” If you agree, then consider yourself a member of the SemiSisterhood.

SemiSisters is still informal, but now there’s an official gathering place. I’ve created a SemiSister LinkedIn Group and invite you to join in the fun. Here’s a place to share stories and ideas, post interesting tidbits, plan gatherings, and even help raise funds for worthy causes, like the Frances B. Hugel Engineering Scholarship.  Hope to see you there! ~ F.v.T.

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