eG3D-PolymerProduct Description
Alchimer’s eG3D Polymer simplifies the metallization process flow for deposition processes for TSV insulation and barrier by combining the material properties of electrografting (eG) insulation and chemicalgrafting (cG) barrier technologies into a single step process. eG3D Polymer wet processes achieve favorable insulation and barrier properties at a reduced cost of ownership.

Successfully implementing TSVs in high volume manufacturing for consumer mobile products will require a drastic reduction in cost-of-ownership (CoO). Scaling interconnects through reduced TSV dimensions and wafer/die thickness will contribute to cost reduction. However, achieving high aspect ratio TSVs is a challenge for current dry deposition processes, which are limited to a 10:1 aspect ratio. Overall, Alchimer’s all wet nanometric film deposition processes are capable of 20:1 aspect ratios due to their ability to coat conformally regardless of via topography or aspect ratio. With the introduction of eG3D Polymer, TSV manufacturing for 2.5D and 3D IC devices is simplified further by reducing CoO by at least 50%, through the deposition of only one polymer layer with both insulator and barrier layers combined, rather than two separate process steps. Additionally eG3D Polymer wet deposition processes require considerably less chemistry than conventional dry processes, further contributing to the reduced CoO.

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