That’s what I feel like saying everytime I see yet another report on the gloomy forecast for the semiconductor industry. The only thing that’s changed in that broken record is how long the recovery will take. Blah Blah Blah. No thank you.

Here’s what I believe. It’s become a self fullfilling prophecy. It’s really up to us. The longer we expect it to take, the longer it will take. I’ve decided it’s going to get better starting now. Are you with me?

So here’s one thing you’ll never see on this blog – analysis of economic trends. And anyway, the market research folks at SEMI already do a great job compiling that data. I will, however, point readers in that direction when reports are released.

And incidentally, speaking of SEMI, if you haven’t seen Tom Morrow’s Semispice blog posting, Heard at ISS, it’s worth a read, and good for a stress-relieving chuckle. – F.v.T.


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