I knew we were onto something when Leo Archer and I chose 3D ICs and 3D packaging as the top of focus two and a half years ago when we first launched 3D InCites. The intention was to play off the word “incite” was to stir up interest in this emerging area of technology, while also capitalizing on the  I C in the word InCites. Clever, no?   Not everyone gets the name, (many think the name is 3D InCITIES) but most everyone gets what we’re about. As we draw closer to market adoption, there is more focus then ever industry wide on 3D integration, and I like to think maybe we had something to do with that.

But as with every new entity, there are growing pains. My good friend and co-founder, Leo Archer set off on his own career quest this summer after helping me get my dream successfully launched. Getting it to the next phase was a solo endeavor, we realized. I’ll miss his business guidance, but we’ll still our brainstorm lunches, I imagine.

I’ve given this next phase some thought, as you can imagine. While 3D InCites’ following has grown exponentially – noted not only in our 440 registered members but by an average of 1500 unique visitors to the site monthly from all over the world – what I really was hoping for was more participation. Truth be told, I’m a little jealous of the LinkedIn groups that seem to be get more participation. What could I do, I asked myself, to get more people to participate right here on 3D InCites?

The answer, of course, was to open the site up for more contribution beyond just commentary on blogs, in–depth features, and discussions.  So now you’ll notice if you’re signed in that you can create event announcements, and post press releases. You can also start your own discussions in the forum areas. (Just be sure you’re signed in first and all the buttons will be enabled.*)

Another recent development – and by now you may have seen the press release – is my additional hat as Editorial Director of 3D-ICs.com, a web portal that automatically mines the internet for news, blogs and technical publications related to 3D ICs (3D packaging, TSVs and monolithic 3D).  This all materialized fairly rapidly last week. What’s there to turn down about an opportunity to provide our members direct access to a full complement of everything there is to know about 3D? Pretty much a no-brainer, if you ask me. So we worked out the details and now the sites are now linked together with a tab to 3D InCites on 3D ICs home page and an RSS feed of 3D-ICs news on 3D InCites.  With so much at your fingertips, why go anywhere else?   Francoise von Trapp, Queen of 3D, at your service.

(PS – Banner and text advertising, sponsored site visits, white paper and video programs are now available. Contact me for details. Hey – even a queen has to earn a decent living! )



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