I’ve noticed that some of our members are taking advantage of their profile pages on 3D InCites. This is a good thing, because it means you’re realizing that being part of a community is about much more than reading what we post here. Did you know members can build networks on 3D InCites by inviting other members to join their network? What a great way to connect with other industry professionals who share the same technology interests. Here are a few more tips to help you customize your 3D InCites experience.

Many of you probably just went through the basic registration process in order to participate in our online discussions, comment on postings, or get our regular updates. But when you’ve got time, I urge you to go to your account (located in the drop down menu called “my stuff” at the top of the page) and personalize your account, add a photo, professional information, and social media identity links for LinkedIn, Twitter and Skype accounts. That way when you post a comment, someone can click on your name and learn more about your background, what you’re doing now, and even how to best contact you.

Want to keep especially close tabs on a particular activity, such as an online discussion? Add it to your “briefcase” by selecting the icon located at the bottom of any single post or add a whole topic center by clicking the briefcase at the top of the page. (Not seeing the briefcase item? That’s because you’re viewing the site without being signed in.) Your briefcase can be set to send you notices immediately, daily or weekly by making the appropriate selection in “account settings”. Additionally, you can control how often you receive email updates in site activity in the same manner.

Find a post you find particularly interesting? Feel free to use the “share” function to spread the word to your Twitter followers, Facebook friends and LinkedIn contacts. Our own site Twitter feed searches on the hash tag #3dincites. So if you’re tweeting about a 3D topic, simply add the tag to the end and it will be picked up.

Some of our recent guest bloggers are site members who discovered the blog function that came with their account. So if you happen to create your own blog, and write about a compelling 3D topic that would be of interest of the community, let me know and I’ll consider featuring it as a guest blog post on 3D InCites in the appropriate topic center. (Of course, if it’s purely shameless self promotion, we’ll have to pass.)

I hope these tips help you make the most of your 3D InCites membership, and in turn help us to make it into an even more vibrant community sharing knowledge about 3D integration technologies.– F.v.T.

Francoise von Trapp

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