In response to a recent post about the whether/when it is necessary to completely fill TSVs, or sufficient to line them, I received an inquiry from Dr. Zhang of IME, where he has been researching with TSV formation for 2 ½ years. According to Zhang, he hasn’t been able to build reliable vias without completely filling them (either with all copper or copper liner + polymer or other materials). He cited an illustration from a paper he co-authored for ECTC 2009, titled Package Development of Through Silicon Via (TSV) Interposer Technology for Large Die (21x21mm) Fine-pitch Cu/low-k FCBGA (proceedings pp. 305-312) which demonstrates that it is necessary to completely fill the vias in order to perform front- and back-side metallization/UBM (under bump metallurgy). The example shown here is performed for a TSV interposer application.

Zhang inquired how it is possible to do front-side and back-side metallization/UBM without filling the vias. As I am an industry journalist and not a research scientist, I decided to pose the question to my readership, both to help Dr. Zhang further his research, and also to help create the atmosphere of interactivity I’m hoping to inspire with this blog.If any of you can provide an answer to this question, please let me know, and I’ll post the response here. – F.v.T

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