Trend and Progress from ICs to 3D ICs to 3D Systems-on-Wafer

This year’s IWLPC dinner keynote address will be delivered by Dr. Rao Tummala, Professor and Director of NSF ERC at Georgia Institute of Technology on Thursday, October 29, 6:30pm – 8:00pm.

A new era in electonics design and manufacturing has begun to emerge, the focus of which is in 3D ICs instead of monolithic integration of heterogeneous functions. While the impact of this approach is profound, it addresses a small part of the system. What is necessary is another paradigm shift to 3D systems leading to unparalleled miniaturization, functionality and cost at system level. This is the focus of Dr. Tummala’s presentation with System-on-Wafer/Panel concept that includes thin film substrates, actives, passives, thermal interfaces, system interconnections and batteries at micro and nano-scales.

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