05/05/2021 -All Day

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As early adopters of plasma dicing begin to expand production capacity, and many more manufacturers begin to invest in this approach, SPTS continues to develop the Mosaic family of plasma dicing systems providing solutions for high volume production across a number of devices applications.

The benefits of plasma dicing that have been promoted in our previous webinars, such as the release of wafer real estate and higher die strengths, are being complemented by the ability of plasma to singulate wafers in a much cleaner fashion which is finding favor in the realm of hybrid bonding.

This webinar will give an overview of the latest plasma dicing developments from SPTS including the launch of the Mosaic OHT platform, a follow-up on the management of fluorine left behind by the Si dicing etch, as well as a general update on market and process trends.

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Date: Wed 5th May 2021

Session 1: 08:00 UK / 09:00 EU / 15:00 China and Taiwan / 16:00 Korea

Repeat Session: 09:30 PDT (USA) / 12:30 EDT (USA) / 17:30 UK / 18:30 EU

Please note that BOTH sessions will be live events, and the same slides will be presented in each session