01/21/2014 - 01/22/2014 -8:00 am - 5:00 pm

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3D TSV SummiitAfter a successful first edition, SEMI Europe is gearing up for the European 3D TSV Summit. In two weeks (January 21-22, 2014) over 200 2.5D and 3D integration enthusiasts from around the world will gather in Grenoble, France to talk 2.5 and 3D. This year’s theme is “Application Ready,” and executives and experts from global companies have been invited to address 3D TSV from both a business and technology perspective including cost, business models, supply chain, manufacturability and technology aspects.

The 3D TSV Summit begins on Tuesday, January 21, with a 3D Market Outlook. First, Mark Stromberg, Principal Analyst, Gartner will present the company’s 3D Market Supply Chain Forecast for 2014-2018, followed by Yole Developpment’s Rosalia Beica, who will discuss 3D packaging market trends and applications. This sets the stage nicely for Mei Kei leong , VP Technology, TSMC Europe, who will give a keynote talk titled:  A New Paradigm: System Scaling through 3D System Integration.  

Session 2 will focus on Manufacturing Readiness, with presentations from a manufacturer (GLOBALFOUNDIRES), research institute (IME) and an equipment supplier (Applied Materials). Michael Thiele,  GLOBALFOUNDRIES, will address enabling 2.5D technology for commercialization. IME’s Surya Bhattacharya will discuss a cost-effective platform for implementation, prototyping, and manufacturing of heterogeneous 2.5D/3DICs; and Sesh Ramaswami, Applied Materials, will offer the equipment maker’s perspective of 2.5D and 3D application readiness.

Raj Pendse, STATS ChipPAC will deliver the Tuesday afternoon keynote, talking about how we can extend Moore’s Law in the packaging domain through 2.5D an 3D integration technologies.

Session 3 is dedicated to cost analysis, with an emphasis on lowering overall cost-of-ownership. imec’s Eric Beyne leads off with a Cost Analysis 2.5D and 3D System Integration, followed by specific three supplier reports on cost updates for some specific pain points including conformal barrier-seed deposition for high aspect ration TSV, (Steve Golovato,TEL-NEXX); via-reveal etch processes (David Butler, SPTS); and temporary bond/debond (Thomas Urhmann, EV Group).

Supply Chain readiness for HVM is the focus of Session 4, with invited talks from Andy Nagy of Multitest, who will address test strategies for 2.5 and 3D; and Albert Koller of Oerlikon, who will talk about 3D wafer level packaging. 

The afternoon will conclude with a panel discussion, 2.5D Supply Chain Readiness for HVM, co-moderated by E. Jan Vardaman, of Techsearch International Inc. and Françoise von Trapp, 3D InCites; and will feature four of the previous speakers as panelists: Mei Kei Ieong , Raj Pendse, Andy Nagy, and Albert Koller. The day concludes with a gala dinner.

Wednesday morning, sessions continue with Session 5: latest technology acheivements, with presentations by Juergen Wolf, Fraunhofer IZM-ASSID who will talk about a holistic approach to 3D; Ron Huemoeller, Amkor, who will make a case for both 2.1D and 3D technologies; Stefan Lutter, SUSS MicroTec, will offer a second perspective on temporary bond/debond; and Karl Priewasser, DISCO, will update us on wafer thinning processes.

Session 6: applications and processes features presentations by IBM’s Thomas Brunschwiler, who will talk about orthoganal scaling; Patric Leduc of CEA Leti will look at how novel 3D architectures enable imaging and high performance computing; lastly, Franz Schrank, AMS AG, will explain 3D IC sensor manufacturing. Additionally, Wednesday morning features a keynote from Joel Hartmann, STMicroelectronics titled, Exploring new Opportunities for 3D Integration, Imaging, Si Photonics and FD SOI. 

Wednesday concludes with parallel options; a tour of CEA-Leti’s 3D TSV Cleanroom (space is limited) or the 3D CATRENE Session. (CATRENE stands for Cluster for Application and Technology Research in Europe on Nantotechnology.) The session, titled The Giver and Taker for 3D Integration, will explain the CATRENE 3D Solution and outline how we can construct the future of 3D together.

In addition to presentations by the experts, the TSV Summit will feature an exhibition zone at the center of the venue, enabling companies to showcase new products and services to the decision makers attending the summit, as well as a Business Meeting Service for one-on-one networking.

 As an introduction to the European 3D TSV Summit, Pre-Summit Symposium discussing MEMS and TSV will be held on January 20 in the late afternoon with an invited speaker, roundtable and welcome cocktail. The roundtable discussion, titled MEMS: The Killer App for 3D TSVs?” will feature panelists from Silex, Tronics, X-Fab, and STMicroelectronics.  Jean-Christoph Eloy, from Yole Developpment, will moderate the panel.

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