2023 Edition. In Process of the Year

proteanTecs provides deep data analytics for advanced electronics monitoring. The company’s multi-disciplinary solutions holistically combine patented on-chip Agents (IP), machine-learning algorithms, data analytics and a cloud- or edge-based software platform to deliver unparalleled visibility and actionable insights at every step along the value chain.
Advanced 2.5D/3D packaging is transforming the way leading-edge SOCs are developed.  As the industry adopts heterogeneous systems, the testing of inter-die links is critical. Traditional approaches rely on low-granularity, pass-fail testing, and offer no monitoring into the field. Addressing this challenge, proteanTecs’ patented interconnect monitoring solution delivers parametric lane grading with 100-percent lane and pin coverage, at test and in mission-mode.  It is the industry’s only solution to offer comprehensive visibility into high bandwidth die-to-die interfaces.