2023 Edition. In Herb Reiter Design Tool Provider of the Year

Xpeedic is committed to providing the best-in-class EDA tools for the 2.5D/3DIC market. Metis, powered by the breakthrough multi-scale EM solver, intelligent meshing, and optimized parallelism for both multi-core and distributed computing, delivers unprecedented performance and capacity to address the signal/power integrity challenges arising from the advanced packaging for 2.5D/3DIC chiplet designs. Its multi-scale capability and capacity advantage enables unified EM simulation of die, interposer, and substrate without resort to error-prone cut-and-stitch approach by the legacy tools. Its multi-mode option offers engineers a choice of speed-and accuracy to cover design phases from architectural exploration to sign-off. Xpeedic has collaborated with ecosystem partners to qualify Metis in various mainstream advanced packaging technologies. Metis has been widely adopted by the leading IC companies in designing next-generation HPC and AI chips in data center and automotive market.