Mosaic Microsystems

2022 Edition. In Startup of the Year

Founded in 2016, Mosaic Microsystems is a reliable source for thin glass interposers for microelectronic, photonic, RF/mmWave, MEMs and sensor technologies. Mosaic first leased cleanroom space in 2019, and has been shipping glass wafer products ever since. By 2022, Mosaic has grown to a technical team of nine, with experienced leadership from successful serial entrepreneur and CEO, Christine Whitman.

Mosaic’s thin glass wafers with precision through-glass vias (TGVs), are available in a range of integration levels. The simplest are thin TGV glass wafers, made either of fused silica or of glass thermally matched to silicon, bonded to a handle wafer with Mosaic’s proprietary Viaffirm® bond. Viaffirm is stable to temperatures over 400⁰ C, opening up the parameter space that can be used for top surface metallization and passive devices. Mosaic also provides void-free copper via-fill and RDLs, and works closely with customers to provide unique solutions for advanced packaging.