AT&S / FOPLP- Packaging Solutions using Large Panel Technologies

2022 Edition. In Process of the Year

The continuing trend towards miniaturization, system cost reduction and shorter time to market for electronic products drives the need for heterogeneous integration of larger number of components in a single module. AT&S is focused on providing highly integrated and efficient interconnect solutions leveraging large Panel based technologies (PCB, SLP, IC Substrate) for Component Integration (Embedded Component Packaging ECP® ), Ultra fine line Structuring Technologies (SAP) and high speed materials. In the last years, customized solutions for multiple die integration using high accuracy assembly tools (+/3µm) as well as solutions for high density fan-out (L/S ≤5/5um, Via ≤30um) that deliver improved performance, miniaturization and differentiation have been demonstrated by AT&S. Moreover, the existing high-volume manufacturing PCB and IC substrate infrastructure can be leveraged to a large extent which offers attractive potential for volume scaling.