Veeco Wet Wafer Processes

2021 Edition. In Process of the Year

Although COVID-19 stalled the 5G rollout, 2020 was a pivotal year for process development at Veeco. The company’s proprietary WaferStorm® wet processing technology found its ideal use in 5G applications. For a technology that was far ahead of its time, WaferStorm proved critical in 2020 because it vastly improved upon conventional processes. By doing so, it helped make 5G a reality during a deeply unprecedented era.

WaferStorm’s wet processing approach uses immersion, followed by a high-pressure spray that’s tough on photo resist. It uses 5x less chemistry than conventional processes while doubling throughput over single wafer approaches. It’s unique processing application for metal liftoff and photo resist strip applications offer a cost-effective alternative to etch processes that can damage underlying substrates. Chambers are stackable for a compact footprint while still supporting high volume needs.

As the 5G revolution accelerates, Veeco is transforming processing.