ERS electronic GmbH

2020 Edition. In Equipment Supplier of the Year

For 50 years, ERS has been leveraging their unique expertise to bring new products to the market, starting with the introduction of the first-ever air-cooled chuck, which redefined the industry status quo at the time.
Last year, despite the turbulent industry conditions, we remained at the forefront of thermal management technology by introducing the first-ever Manual Debonding Machine for Panel-level. This development served as a catalyst for the industry’s transition from wafer to panel-level packaging, and has enabled other research facilities to further the development of Advanced Packaging technologies. The customer and market response to the machine proved that the risk was worth taking, and that panel-level is a trend that equipment suppliers should not ignore. To show that we intend to stay a driving force of FO innovation, we are now working on releasing the first-of-its-kind Automatic Panel Debonding Machine, with planned launch at the end of 2020.