Fraunhofer Institute for Electronic Nano Systems ENAS, Chemnitz, Germany

2020 Edition. In Research Institute of the Year

Fraunhofer ENAS is an innovative and reliable system and technology partner in the field of smart systems integration by using micro and nano technologies. They develop single components, technologies for their manufacturing as well as system concepts and system integration technologies for various applications and transfers them into production. The institute offers research and development services from idea via design to technology development. As an example we are highlighting the department Micro Materials Center (MMC), working on micro-reliability and nano-reliability. They combine advanced numerical simulation with various experimental methods to validate the models. As leader of a complete work package in European Project EuroPAT-MASIP they developed a fully parameterized model for the FOWLP technology platform, supporting virtual prototyping predicting the thermo-mechanical behavior of the recon wafer throughout the process flow and predict component reliability.