EVG’s next-generation low-temperature laser debonding solution combines a diode-pumped solid-state UV-wavelength laser and proprietary optics with a modular equipment platform to provide a universal, high-throughput and low cost-of-ownership (CoO) wafer debonding process optimized for FO-WLP. EVG’s proprietary optical setup shapes the Gaussian beam profile of the laser to achieve a highly reproducible beam with minimal heat introduced to the device wafer and excellent spatial control. This enables tighter process control, which coupled with the high pulse repetition rate of the laser leads to a well-controlled, high-throughput and low-temperature debonding process. Typical debonding can be achieved in less than one minute for 300mm wafers.

Building on years of experience in laser debonding, EVG’s breakthrough low-temperature laser debonding solution for FO-WLP also includes low laser maintenance, high carrier wafer lifetime, support for fully automated handling on film frame, oversized carriers or free-standing thin wafers, and optimized footprint layout—all of which contribute to the system’s low CoO advantages. EVG’s low-temperature laser debonding solution is based on the company’s open adhesive platform concept, which enables the use of a wide range of adhesives from various suppliers to give customers the most flexible choice of bonding materials.

Following its introduction in July 2017, several leading foundries and OSATs have successfully qualified EVG’s next-generation low-temperature laser debonding solution for FO-WLP.