Dow Electronic Materials

2017 Edition. In

As a global supplier of advanced specialty materials, Dow Electronic Materials provides innovative solutions for electronic and semiconductor industries across several segments, including advanced packaging. One example of how Dow Electronic Materials is focusing innovation on addressing key technical challenges in the advanced semiconductor packaging market is with the introduction of SOLDERON™ BP TS 6000 Tin-Silver. Since its introduction to the market, it has rapidly become the leading lead-free solder chemistry for advanced packaging applications. Tin-silver is essential for reliably capping copper pillars, particularly as higher I/O counts and tighter pitches become the norm. No other commercially available solder chemistry has met this tin-silver performance and reliability from a single formulation. SOLDERON BP Tin-Silver is proven in HVM with excellent process flexibility, especially with its wide plating speed range and the tunable nature of silver composition. Dow Electronics Materials has built a strong portfolio of advanced materials providing innovative technologies for metallization, dielectrics, lithography and bonding applications as well as integrated solutions addressing current industry requirements and next generation packages.