SPTS Technologies provides plasma etch and deposition equipment which has enabled many of the recent advances in 2.5/3D integration. Working on leading edge technologies with renowned research institutes, and helping to implement the best processes at leading device manufacturers, foundries and OSATs, SPTS has been at the forefront of developing a number of key wafer processing techniques and transferring these into full scale production.

Notable contributions include high productivity PVD of UBM/RDL for FOWLP with multi-wafer degas to double wafer throughput and reduce Rc, and a new pre-clean etch module to reduce contaminants and increase MTBC. Our expertise in deep silicon etching has been recognized within the MEMS arena for decades since bringing the first commercial DRIE system to market in 1995. This DRIE technology has been successfully transferred to 3D-IC packaging for through silicon via (TSV) etching, and into plasma dicing of standard and taped wafers up to 300mm. Other processes include low temperature PECVD for dielectric deposition onto standard, bonded or fan-out wafers, and HF/XeF2 release etch for MEMS release or wafer level packaging applications. Recent acquisitions have expanded our portfolio to include Molecular Vapor Deposition (MVD®) which is used for anti-stiction films for MEMS and anti-oxidation & -corrosion layers for packaging applications. Finally, from the PCB division, we can also offer inkjet products for 3D printing of underfill dams and isolation layers, and laser systems for through-mold via formation.