07/11/2023 -12:00 am

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FRT MicroProf® PT – A New Metrology and Inspection Solution for Advanced Packaging

Fan-out panel level packaging is currently one of the latest assembly and packaging trends in the system-in-package world, meeting the increasing demands for extreme miniaturization and rising system requirements at reduced production costs.

This webinar will introduce a NEW solution- the FRT MicroProf® PT, a semiconductor metrology and inspection tool for rectangular panels up to 600 mm — containing 4-5X more dies compared to a 300 mm wafer and equipped with SurfaceSens™ technology. We’ll discuss these important features:

  • Metrology and defect inspection applications in one tool
  • Full automation with two loaders for panel FOUPs, for panels up to 600mm x 600mm in a SEMI-compliant EFEM
  • Multi-sensor setup including topography, field-of-view and film thickness with hybrid software evaluation to evaluate highly complex structures
  • Film thickness measurements from micron-range down to tens of nanometers
  • Wide range of handling capability – from substrates a few millimeters thick to 200µm, including organic and glass

FRT Metrology specializes in fully automated multi-sensor metrology system for application-specific advanced packaging (ASAP) measurements from development to production (lab to fab). We will also cover interesting challenges this new technology means for metrology and inspection such as measuring via-like structures in patterned photoresist and handling large panels instead of wafers.

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