12/10/2013 -9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Location: The Ritz-Carlton

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The Rudolph Yield Forum Korea 2013 provides process engineers, fab managers and tool owners with new application data and process control techniques that address current challenges in wafer manufacturing and final manufacturing processes.

Location: The Ritz-Carlton, Seoul

Agenda Highlights

Wafer Processing (Front-end) Session

  • 450mm Inspection and Metrology Update
  • TSV Middle Inspection and Metrology
  • Advanced Node Transparent Film Metrology
  • ADC for OQA
  • Server-centric Productivity Solutions for Metrology
  • Bare Wafer Inspection
  • Fleet Management: Optimizing your Inspection Systems
  • Connecting the Supply Chain
  • Run-to-Run Loop Optimization
  • All-Surface Inspection
  • MEOL Lithography
  • Factory-wide Data Mining Techniques

Final Manufacturing (Back-end) Session

  • Bringing Front-end Process Requirement into the Back-end
  • High Speed Inspection and Metrology for Advanced Packaging Processes
  • Lithography Solutions for Panel Fan-out Packaging & High Density Interposers
  • Etch Chamber Clean and Blank Carrier Wafer Inspection
  • Metrology Techniques for Advanced Packaging Processes
  • Thin/Warped Wafer Lithography Solutions
  • Improving Wafer Saw Stability
  • A Comprehensive Solution for Post-saw Delamination
  • Closed Loop Total Solution for Advanced Packaging Lithography
  • Trends in Cu Pillar Bump Metrology and Yield Improvement Strategies

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