05/16/2017 -11:30 am - 1:00 pm

Location: SEMI Headquarters

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Topic:      The Ball is in Our Court – How Do We Protect Our IP?
Presenters: Kevin Roe, Patent Attorney and Phil Marcoux, OnePPM

IC Packaging and its additional tape and reel requirements are now considered not only the most expensive portion of producing a semiconductor — it’s also an area where more innovation is expected by end users.  Cost is a large reason end users look to us in the packaging field to innovate, but they also seek smaller size and higher performance.

If we provide this innovation to our customers how do we protect ourselves and our companies so we can get payback and even rewards for our innovation? Patents no longer provide protection or a reasonable path for rewards.

The speakers at this talk, one an engineer and patent attorney and the other an inventor, will give you a lay of the current patent playing field and recommendations on how to protect your inventions, IP, and secret recipes.