04/28/2021 - 04/29/2021 -8:00 am - 11:00 am

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As the electronic content and complexity increases in all types of products – from computers to smartphones to medical devices to automobiles – it is essential to have a secure supply chain. The safety and security of these products rely directly on the semiconductor devices inside performing exactly as designed. Beyond functional and reliability testing, what are the cross-functional issues facing packaging, test, and design engineers to ensure what is delivered contains the properly functioning original design and nothing more?

In today’s world of advanced packaging including heterogenous integration with “chiplets” and complex system-in-packages (SiP), there are many more opportunities for errors or intentional changes by ‘bad actors’. Verification of manufacturing correctness is complicated by the use of intellectual property (IP) libraries that have physical designs and test vectors obscured. Chiplets are often treated as ‘black boxes’ providing architectural advantages while creating additional verification issues.

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Ivor Barber, AMD
Jeff Demin, Keysight
Ira Feldman, MEPTEC & Feldman Engineering
Supply Chain Security Technical Program Committee