03/04/2020 -2:30 pm - 3:00 pm

Location: WekoPa Resort

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Topic: Applications of Novel High-speed In-line Automatic X-ray Inspection in High-volume Manufacturing

Speaker: Frank Chen, Ph.D. Senior Applications Scientist

Track Session: Fan-out, wafer-level packaging & flip chip track

Time: 2:30 – 3:00 pm, March 4, 2020


As leading suppliers adopt more-than-Moore schemes to increase functional integration and achieve higher computing speeds, manufacturers face increasing challenges in monitoring and controlling precise, fine-pitch bonding processes. Traditional sampling inspection and statistical process control fail to detect defects with assignable causes in these complex parts with thousands of finely-spaced solder joints. Newer package structures often incorporate purchased silicon devices which increase the cost of scrap. Reliability requirements for applications such as autonomous vehicles dramatically reduce the market tolerance for defective parts. To meet these challenges, SVXR developed a new high-speed in-line automatic inspection technology that combines a unique X-ray system architecture with artificial intelligence data analytics. This presentation provides an overview of the capabilities of the technology as well as proven applications in challenging production environments. It details the steps required to correlate high-speed inspection results to traditional failure analysis techniques using high-volume manufacturing application examples. The talk covers best practices in implementation and shares successful deployments of continuous monitoring techniques in production.