09/16/2014 - 09/18/2014 -All Day

Location: Finlandia Hall

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Organized by IEEE-CPMT since 2006, the Electronics System-Integration Technology Conferences (ESTC) series is the premier venue for academics and industry to present and discuss the latest developments in assembly and interconnection technology and new applications. ESTC 2014 completes the triumvirate together with ECTC in the United States and EPTC in Singapore and thus supports the global community of electronics packaging engineers and scientists.

ESTC 2014 is covering the following topics:

3D Integration and Embedding Technologies
Challenges and solutions in 3D integration, embedded structures, wafer level packaging, micro-bonding, TSVs, TEVs, advanced substrates and interposers

Advanced Technologies for Emerging Systems
Allotropes of carbon (CNTs, graphene, DLC, etc.), nanopackaging (nanoscaled materials, nanowires, nanointerconnects), emerging packaging concepts and technologies for bio-electronics, microfluidics, wearable electronics and sensors/actuators

Assembly and Manufacturing Technologies
Novel Assembly technologies, manufacturing aspects to novel packaging, wafer level processing

Materials for Interconnects and Packaging
New materials and processing – e.g. phase change, self-organizing, piezoelectric, dielectric and memory materials, nanomaterials, advanced interconnection metallurgies, adhesives in advanced interconnects

MEMS/NEMS Packaging
Challenges and solutions in processing, integration and packaging, new packaging approaches, TSVs in MEMS, bonding technologies, wafer bonding, micro-bonding

Co-design and Multiphysics System Modeling
Thermal, mechanical and electrical modeling and experimental verifications, signal and power integrity

Optoelectronic Systems Packaging
Fiber optical interconnects, optical sensors, LEDs and other photonic devices, optical chip-scale and heterogeneous integration, lasers

Power Electronic Systems Packaging
High performance packaging (low RDS(on), low Rth, high temperature), power embedding, very high voltage (>6.5kV) solutions, wide bandgap power seiconductor devices (e.g. SiC, GaN, GaAs), novel cooling solutions (e.g. double-sided cooling, bond-wire-less

Printable Electronics
Printed/jetted (transparent) conductors, touch and large area sensors, signage and displays (e.g. OLED, electrochrome, electrophoretic, paper electronics, printed thin film PV and photodetectors, 3D printing

Reliability of Electronic Devices and Systems
New results at different levels of system integration (chip contacts, packages, assemblies and subsystems), characterization and test, failure diagnostic, methodical and equipment developments, upcoming challenges due to new system integration demands, innovative materials and extended application fields

the full ESTC 2014 program is available here