08/28/2014 -All Day

Location: National Center for Advanced Packaging

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Yole Développement (Yole) and National Center for Advanced Packaging (NCAP China) announce  the Advanced Packaging & System Integration Technology Symposium, focused on:

  • 3D integration technologies and market trends
  • Interposers activities, technology roadmaps and key players
  • MEMS packaging
  • Manufacturing readiness

This symposium is the first packaging event organized by Yole in China, and was created due to the market expansion in this area.

“In the past couple of years, we have seen a high interest in embedded technologies, either as a fan-out wafer level packaging or embedded dies and systems in laminate substrates”, says Jérôme Azemar, Technology & Market Analyst, Advanced Packaging.“During the symposium, we’ll look at the various embedding technologies and activities happening in the industry, the industry players currently active as well as the infrastructure required for further high-volume manufacturing adoption”.

Yole Développement will present its recent findings from surveying the industry as a preview of its new 2014 Fan-Out and Embedded Die Report. Moreover, Yole, throughout the symposium, will detail the technology and market trends, highlight technology roadmaps and present the latest market forecasts from its 2014 reports.

Since product announcements using 3D IC technology have finally been made for high-end applications, and engineering samples already started to be shipped, there is no doubt anymore that 3D IC will be adopted for this segment”, says Rozalia Beica, CTO of Yole. “The question remaining is when will the consumer market, where the cost is so critical, will follow TSV adoption?”

The symposium will provide the opportunity for networking with leading packaging organizations from China and around the world, and for debating current and future trends of packaging innovations, manufacturability, and collaboration activities across this dynamic and exciting segment of the industry. The symposium will end with a panel
discussion dedicated to advancements in packaging technologies where various organizations across the supply chain will participate. The panel will be moderated by Rozalia Beica (Yole).

NCAP and Yole are extremely enthusiastic about this symposium and welcome all the  organizations participating in this event: ASE, BroadPak, Dow Chemical, EPWorks, Huatian Technology, Nantong Fujitsu, QST Corporation, Rudolph, Sinochip, SMIC, SPIL and SUSS MicroTec.

The final agenda is now available. Register by August 14 for Early Bird Rates.