At Soitec, we strongly believe that DEI are huge assets for companies, that collective knowledge stems from diversity and we pursue a broader, holistic approach to gender. Even if the semiconductor industry faces a shortage of women workers, at Soitec, women make up 35% of our workforce.

Our objective is to increase the proportion of women at all levels of our organization and we constantly make progress thanks to various initiatives: women’s empowerment training program, raising-awareness programs with our universities partnerships, international mobility for women as a career booster, etc. We have strong commitments to fighting discrimination against LGBTQIA+ people. A pioneering agreement was signed in 2021 with our unions, with the aim of fighting stereotypes, and promoting inclusion comprehensively, regardless of gender and orientation. While equal access to employment and equal treatment are included in the agreement, it goes even further: it provides for an alignment of parental rights for same-sex couples, support for people making the transition to a different gender, etc.

Our employees are really sensitive to diversity and inclusion and are engaged. To fight against sexist behaviors and harassment, we have launched an awareness-raising campaign, distributed both internally and externally, consisting of various sketches that demonstrate examples of everyday sexism. 50 of our employees took on a role in the video: Our EVP of People and Sustainability is Pascal Lobry (photo).

In 2022, we received the Semi Industry Leader in Diversity and Inclusion Award.