At Lam Research, we strive to incorporate ESG into everything we do – from our operations and workplace practices, to how we source our materials and design our products. Across our organization, we are taking ownership and accountability to reduce carbon footprints and care for our planet. In 2021 we were among the first in the semiconductor industry to set a goal of 100% renewable electricity usage by 2030 and carbon net zero by 2050.

Our path to achieving our net-zero goals requires strong governance to deliver effective outcomes. We’ve established oversight that goes all the way up to our Board of Directors and established new leadership and working groups to support objectives and monitor progress. Our goals cover various greenhouse gas emissions across all aspects of our business including Scope 1 (direct emissions), Scope 2 (Indirect emissions from purchased energy), and Scope 3 (Indirect emissions that occur across the value chain).

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