TSMC is often criticized for its sustainability efforts as TSMC has a net zero goal by 2050. The criticism is that TSMC should be aiming for net zero at an earlier date. To achieve net zero TSMC will need to implement a massive amount of renewable energy, which for an island corporation will prove to be challenging. However, TSMC is one of the few semiconductor companies where the ESG effort is a company-wide effort with programs to engage every employee. TSMC’s third ESG awards saw a total of 1880 proposals across the company, a 50% increase year over year. 748 of those entries were for sustainability projects. If a project is picked to move forward employees, receive time and funding to pursue their idea to see if it will make an impact. This effort is spearheaded by the chairman Dr. Mark Liu, which is also impressive, as he is actively involved in the program, not just watching from afar. TSMC is also actively pursuing power conservation in its sustainability efforts, looking to save 5000 GWh between 2016 and 203o to help them in their effort to reach net zero.