StratEdge has been key in Mars rover missions since 2003, from Spirit and Opportunity to Curiosity and Perseverance. The company's SE20 power amplifier packages transmit data and are reliable in harsh space conditions. The secret to success is providing high-quality packages.

The power amplifier system has been engineered to safeguard the gallium arsenide monolithic microwave integrated circuits (MMICs) while ensuring optimal signal integrity. StratEdge's packages have been protecting the devices in the extreme environment on the Martian surface for many years, far exceeding the targeted three-month life. It's crucial that the package does not interfere with the signals generated by the MMIC, and StratEdge's unique package design reduces signal loss to ensure that the MMIC functions at its best. The design of the package's RF transitions minimizes the signal loss, providing a single transition insertion loss better than 0.1 dB at X-Band.