Henkel’s sustainability commitment is well-documented, with a target to reach climate-positivity by 2030. Recently, the company established an eco-friendly electronics production site with solar panels, rainwater recycling, and energy-efficient equipment. Henkel launched LOCTITE® HHD 3544F, the industry’s 1st bio-based PUR hotmelt. In addition, pressureless sintering die attach delivers Si processing and environmental efficiency; and, package-level underfill innovation has seen customers realize a 500% throughput increase, 63% cost reduction. Henkel embeds circular economy principles in its portfolio. For example, LOCTITE® ECCOBOND UF 3811 is a reworkable solution for CSPs, allowing repair/reuse, and reducing waste. Through the Chemicals Under Discussion program, Henkel commits to proactively identifying and phasing out harmful substances from its products. Within die attach, LCM, and encapsulant portfolios, potentially hazardous substances have been replaced with those deemed safe.