ClassOne Technology

2023 Edition. In Equipment Supplier of the Year

ClassOne Technology continues to advance process technology for manufacturers of semiconductor, compound semiconductor and MEMS devices. In 2022, the company significantly broadened the capabilities of its Solstice™ single-wafer wet-processing platform, an industry leader in electroplating for advanced applications in heterogenous integration (HI), e.g., micropillar, high-aspect-ratio TSV, and RDL. Customers can now implement both electroplating and surface preparation (SP) processes on a single Solstice system, enabling ultimate flexibility and modularity in a single compact footprint. These surface prep processes include solvent strip, wet etch, metal liftoff, and single-wafer cleaning – all increasingly vital for advanced packaging. Moreover, furthering Solstice’s role as an enabling technology for HI, ClassOne and Fraunhofer ENAS announced a partnership to advance hybrid bonding capability for wafer-to-wafer and chip-to-wafer advanced packaging applications.