Building on its semiconductor materials leadership, Henkel achieved several strategic product launches in 2022. These innovations address some of the most pressing issues in semiconductor
packaging including: high thermal requirements, transistor scaling, advanced Si node chip integration, and ongoing miniaturization. In the die attach space, three new high-reliability materials were commercialized: a non-sintering high-thermal 30 W/m-K (among the highest thermal performance in the market without sintering) paste, an ultra-high-thermal 165 W/m-K pressureless sintering material, and a BOM simplification die-attach film for leadframe & laminate packages. In the flip chip protection arena, Henkel debuted a capillary underfill for leading-edge Si node flip chips that is now used in top-tier smartphones. Also, breakthrough active mold packaging work was conducted with LPKF Laser & Electronics AG using Henkel liquid encapsulants to achieve ultra-
thin layers for laser direct structuring.