Lam Research

2022 Edition. In Equipment Supplier of the Year

Lam Research introduced SABRE3D EX, latest electroplating innovation in 2021. It features extremely versatile equipment configuration for numerous applications critical in heterogeneous integrations: cu pillar, microbump, RDL and UBM. SABRE3D EX has multiple industry first technologies addressing market specific challenges.

The heart of any electroplating tool is the plating chamber; it has been upgraded to Scimitar technology for enhanced mass transfer - addressing coplanarity challenge especially for mix CD schemes in Cu pillar and microbump. It delivers >20x lip seal lifetime (vs competition) for lowest consumable cost . There is soluble Sn anode and chemistry management system for >40% chemistry cost savings . For Fanout, SABRE3D EX features extreme warped wafers handling up to 7mm and fastest megapillar plating (>50ASD).

These innovations, with award winning customer service, made Lam electroplating tool increasingly the preferred choice among leading industry players.